Endodontic Dentistry Musgrave Dentist

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Endodontic dentistry Musgrave Dentist

Endodontic dentistry is basically what we do when a tooth’s nerve got damaged or infected in some way and must be removed in order to save the tooth, or to clear-up an abscess. It’s the dreaded” root canal treatment”

Endodontic Dentistry Musgrave Dentist : What we do.

Dr Coetzee has vast experience in endodontics and stayed abreast of all the new developments in this field, attending numerous national and international training courses


Materials Used for Endodontic Dentistry at Musgrave Dentist

The highest quality instrumentation and latest technology including laser technology and magnification to offer you the patient top end treatment in this very tricky and challenging field of dentistry. (Do not let just anyone do a root canal for you)

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Welcome to the Musgrave Dental Practice of Dr. J. Francois Coetzee.

Take a seat and relax as you experience our state of the art dental rooms situated in Musgrave Park, Durban.

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