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Find Trusted Dentist in Durban | Dr J. F Coetzee
Musgrave Dentist.


Dentist in Durban Musgrave, Dr J. F Coetzee, Dental Surgeon | BChD (Pret.) Cum Laude, PDD (Stell.) Aesthetic Dentistry. Cum Laude

I believe in Putting your health needs first with a focus on restoring health and longevity.

Holistic dentistry is central to our practise. I see each patient as a whole person and find pleasure in establishing overall health.

My dental treatment plans are wholeness, health and function driven, while everything is done in the most aesthetically possible way.

Trusted Dentist in Durban | For Your Holistic Dental Needs.


Our Treatments


Laser Dentistry


Dentist in Durban Dr J. Francois Coetzee

The acronym L.A.S.E.R stands for. Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.

Many forms of lasers exist, some harmless like a laser pointer, while others can cause instant blindness if it was to shine into your eyes. In my practice I have 2 lasers, a diode 940 nm laser and a Waterlaser. They have numerous applications like any soft tissue surgery, bleaching, depigmentation, biopsies, disinfection, endodontic procedures, promoting healing and so much more. I can also perform some of the minimally invasive treatment modalities on the hard tissue. Lasers has brought a whole new dimension to modern dentistry and I really enjoy using mine to offer another treatment option to my patients.


Implant Dentistry


Replacement of missing teeth with an implant supported crown. In lay terms, an implant is a titanium screw that replaces the root of the missing tooth, onto which a ceramic crown is fitted.

What we do

Dr Coetzee places his own implants unless in very complicated cases when he would refer to one of the top maxillofacial specialist or periodontal specialist to place the implant after which Dr Coetzee would then place the final restoration on the integrated implant, offering his patients only the best available treatment.

Orthodontic Dentistry

Dr Coetzee believes that the “straightening of teeth” is best done by Qualified specialists as he has seen a number of mutilated cases when orthodontics was attempted by under qualified dentists so apart from the correction of a tilted or rotated tooth here or there he makes use of a number of orthodontic specialists to offer his patients the best possible treatment in this regard. Dr Coetzee does however make use of clear aligner therapy himself when that is indicated as a treatment option. Dr Coetzee will assess each patient and advise accordingly, always keeping the patients’ best interest at heart.

Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Coetzee has a very calm and relaxed way with children, building trust by never deceiving children into any treatment. So much so, that he rarely needs to use sedation or general anaesthetic to treat his young patients. If, however a general anaesthetic is indicated that can be arranged.

Maxillofacial Dentistry

Maxillofacial Dentistry in Durban | Dr J. Francois Coetzee

This is a vast field mostly involving surgery of some kind. Dr Coetzee does have a 3D Scanner in his practice to identify impacted teeth and will do the less complicated removal of impacted teeth that can be done under local anaesthetic in his rooms, but when general anaesthetic is required because of the severity of the impaction he will refer you to one of the maxillofacial specialist in his network, always placing you in the best hands for the treatment needed.


Periodontal Dentistry


This field of treatment involves treating the soft tissue of the mouth and includes things like Crown lengthenings, gingivectomies, frenectomies, gingivoplasties all very confusing terminology for a non-dentist, but what it basically refers to is the treatment of your gums.

Dr Coetzee is one of the few dentists in South Africa that has a Water laser and Diode laser that enables him to treat all the soft tissue problems in a new revolutionary way.



Prosthodontic Dentistry

This involves Crowns, bridges and veneers

What we do

Dr Coetzee has his own onsite laboratory with one of the best Dental technicians at the helm of the lab. This laboratory uses top quality conventional and digital technology including 3D Printing and computer generated milling to manufacture their Crowns , Bridges, Veneers and other prosthodontic work.

Endodontic Dentistry

This is basically what we do when a tooth’s nerve got damaged or infected in some way and must be removed in order to save the tooth, or to clear-up an abscess. It’s the dreaded” root canal treatment”

What we do

Dr Coetzee has vast experience in endodontics and stayed abreast of all the new developments in this field, attending numerous national and international training courses

Materials Used

The highest quality instrumentation and latest technology including laser technology and magnification to offer you the patient top end treatment in this very tricky and challenging field of dentistry. (Do not let just anyone do a root canal for you)

Conservative Dentistry

This involves every kind of restoration of decayed or worn or broken teeth utilising normal fillings.

What we do

Dr Coetzee only does tooth coloured restorations.

Materials Used

Dr Coetzee only uses high quality composite resins for direct restorations, and ceramic or compressed glass for indirect restorations, NO metals like amalgam


Cosmetic Dentistry

This involves the cosmetic adjustment of your front teeth AND gum to be more aesthetically pleasing, creating that “perfect” smile you always wanted. I stress the GUMS as well, since many people do not realise the big role the gums play in creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What we do

Dr Coetzee has a great eye for symmetry and the incorporation of the balance of the whole face, eyes nose and lips, with his wholistic approach. Dr Coetzee has often been complimented by his patients for working “Magic” when it comes to aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive dental treatment, when Crowns and veneers are utilised, but often times, utilising minimally invasive techniques and composite restorations or even just some minor reshaping with a burr, in the right hands,  one can achieve a massive improvement at minimal cost. This is one of the areas that brings great delight to Dr Coetzee and his staff.

Materials Used

Dr Coetzee uses his Lasers to great effect in this regard and with minimal discomfort to the patient, taking the “STING” out of gum surgery.


Cosmetic dentistry also involves bleaching and Dr Coetzee and his hygienist offers the whole range of bleaching options to suit your needs.

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