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The Gentle Dentist that everyone wants

A visit to “the dentist” is not something that many people look forward to! It is one of those things your Mother told you to do every year, but even she herself tries to get out of. Why? Why do most people avoid going to see “the dentist”

Does The Dentist = Pain?

It doesn’t need to be like that with the Gentle Approach to Dentistry

Most researchers will tell you that it is our innate fear of pain and the unfortunate association between a visit to the dentist and pain. Therefore those in need of a dentist wants to have the peace of mind that the dentist they are going to see is known as a “gentle dentist”. I have been complimented by several of my patients as a gentle dentist. Many have said that I am the gentlest dentist they have ever had!

Off course all these compliments are very subjective, so the only way to find out for yourself is to give me a try. It would be my joy to try and satisfy this need for a gentle dentist in each of my patients, but what makes for a gentle dentist?

So What Makes ” A Gentle Dentist” ?

  • The manner in which you work:

In my practice I try to establish a peaceful, friendly, clean and uncluttered, environment. One in which you as a patient can feel safe, cared for, important and the focus of our attention. It is our priority to address your problem in an efficient, satisfactory way. A way in which you have the sense that your problem is fully under control. Where you are part of the decision-making process and that you are part of the team that is solving the problem

  • The competence and skills that you as a dentist has built-up over the years of clinical practice.

I have been in private practice for 27 years and you learn many little tricks of the trade to ensure gentle dental treatment. I have come across a broad spectrum of patients over the years. I have worked with those who at their first appointment sent a delegation to come tell me how nervous the prospective patient is and that the last time this person sat in a dentist chair the patient had an anxiety attack needing to be medicated!

Trust and Gentle Treatment Won the Day

I can report that this particular individual ended up having a number of root canal treatments and several crowns and fillings done all under local anaesthetic without any sedation , just because we built up a trust and my gentle treatment settled his anxiety.

  • The equipment at your disposal – Laser Treatment

This plays a vital role in your ability to provide gentle dental care.

In my practice I have state of the art equipment as many other dentists do, but in addition to the general dental equipment you find in other practices, I am one of only a handful of dentists in South Africa that has a Diode Laser and A Water laser as part of my armour.


Gentle Dentist Dr J. Francois Coetzee


Gentle Laser Dentistry : Many Pain Free Procedures

The use of a laser in dentistry allows for many pain-free procedures.

Some treatments require No Anaesthetic or injection.

Some minor restorations can be done without even needing to administer local anaesthetic (the injection). Some soft tissue procedures can be performed without local anaesthetic. Most do need a little anaesthetic, but the post-operative healing is quick and with minimal if any discomfort.

Why is the healing quick with Laser Treatment?

The reason for this is that the laser obliterates the bacteria and stimulates the body’s natural healing response, lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

As a result of the blood free surgery that a laser enables you to perform many procedures can be done in a single visit as opposed to conventional methods where a period of healing is required between the surgical stage and the restorative stage of the treatment.

  • Good Working Relationship with the Team
  • Finally, I believe that it is very helpful to have a good working relationship and understanding with your dental nurse if you would like to provide gentle dental treatment. The nurse needs to be competent and alert ready to pick-up on the signs of discomfort the patient shows and respond appropriately without even needing to be prompted by the doctor as he or she is concentrating on the technical difficulty of the task at hand and can easily miss the signs of patient discomfort. My assistant has been working with me for several years now and compliments my gentle manner with her gentle touch and care.

I hope that this blog has helped to settle your fears and that you would feel confident to come visit our rooms.

Best regards

Dr Francois Coetzee.




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