Laser Treatment for Gum Pigmentation

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Laser Treatment for Gum Pigmentation

These photos are a beautiful example of what can be done with the soft tissue Waterlase. This lovely young lady was keen to have the gum pigmentation removed. The treatment required a 45 min appointment. At this appointment we used local anesthetic, went ahead and used the Waterlase to gently remove the pigmented mucosa. Then we used the Biolase diode laser for photobiomodulation to prevent any postoperative pain or infection and stimulate the rapid healing response of the body. Then patient was sent home with a mouthwash. She reported back at 7 days and reported that she had absolutely No post operative pain. I saw her again 10 days after the first procedure. She was extremely happy with the results.

Images Below
1) pre-op
2) immediately post-op
3) 7 days post-op
4) 10 days post op. Completely matured.





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