Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry.

This involves the cosmetic adjustment of your front teeth AND gum to be more aesthetically pleasing, creating that “perfect” smile you always wanted. I stress the GUMS as well, since many people do not realise the big role the gums play in creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What we do

Dr Coetzee has a great eye for symmetry and the incorporation of the balance of the whole face, eyes nose and lips, with his wholistic approach. Dr Coetzee has often been complimented by his patients for working “Magic” when it comes to aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive dental treatment, when Crowns and veneers are utilised, but often times, utilising minimally invasive techniques and composite restorations or even just some minor reshaping with a burr, in the right hands,  one can achieve a massive improvement at minimal cost. This is one of the areas that brings great delight to Dr Coetzee and his staff.

Materials Used

Dr Coetzee uses his Lasers to great effect in this regard and with minimal discomfort to the patient, taking the “STING” out of gum surgery.


Cosmetic dentistry also involves bleaching and Dr Coetzee and his hygienist offers the whole range of bleaching options to suit your needs.