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Minimally invasive dental treatment has become a buzz word among dental colleagues over the last 10 years.

Less is Better | Minimally invasive dental treatment

With the advancement in technology and based on scientific evidence from retrospective clinical studies, it has become apparent that “less is better” when it comes to the preparation of teeth. 50 Years ago the dental gurus were advocating the preparation of undercuts to advance retention of restorations as well as the use of pins and screws to reinforce fillings. We even had textbooks teach methods called, “extension for prevention” which taught students to simply get rid of every crevice on a tooth as it’s potentially going to develop caries somewhere in the future! Today we minimally invasive dentists, would call that mutilation of healthy tooth structure and even see it as unethical practice.

Chemically Bonded Restorations | Modern Dentistry | Minimally invasive

50 + Years ago we did not have the ability to chemically bond restorations to healthy tooth structure nor did we have the technology to create such materials , therefore these dentist did what they could with what they had at their disposal with the best possible motives and intentions. Thanks be to the advancements made in dental technology over the years, we no longer need to remove healthy tooth structure in order to secure a dental restoration or even create an aesthetically pleasing restoration!

Technologies supporting Minimally Invasive Dental Treatment

Supportive Technologies :-

  • enamel and dentine etching,
  • bonding,
  • laser etching,
  • sandblasting ,
  • composite resins,
  • glass ionomers ,

-These have made it possible for dentists to only remove defective tooth structure and replace it aesthetically , without hardly any healthy tooth structure being “sacrificed”

This is what we refer to when we talk about minimally invasive dental treatment.

Some Examples:-

Standard Dentistry Minimally Invasive Treatment
Full Crown Composite Veneer Correct a Broken Front Tooth
Crown / Veneer Bleaching teeth Improve the colour
Amalgam restorations / ceramic inlays Small Cavity preparations removing only the effected tooth structure and bonding composite fillings. Restore a tooth with minor decay

In the example below I did 2 composite fillings and a little laser treatment of the gum to close this young man’s diastema rather than him needing to have 2 crowns done . It was done in one appointment of 45 min at less than 10% of what it would have cost him if he had someone do 2 crowns for him , AND the best is that I did not touch his teeth with a drill bit!

Minimally Invasive Dental Treatment Before

Before Minimally Invasive Treatment

Minimally Invasive Dental Treatment

After Minimally Invasive Treatment




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Musgrave Dentist Practise | Dr Coetzee’s philosophy of dentistry:

I endeavour to see each patient as a whole person, not just as a mouth full of teeth or an isolated problem. I find pleasure in establishing overall health, rather than just patching up a problem tooth.
I aim to listen to my patients and try to address their immediate need but always taking the whole mouth and person into consideration thereby offering advice on the establishment of health and longevity rather than always playing catch-up. Minimally invasive treatments are a modern approach to dentistry and one I embrace. 


I have 27 years’ experience in private practice and have done and continue to do numerous hands on and conference courses improving my knowledge and skills and repertoire of treatment modalities I offer I hold a Bachelors degree in dental surgery form the university of Pretoria that I passed with distinction (cum laude), I was awarded 9 of the 11 gold medals on offer as DUX of my class and was awarded academic honours and a Dean’s recommendation (which is the highest academic award an undergrad student could be awarded.) I did my national military service as a dentist in 1993 and 1994, working in a specialist practice with specialists in every discipline of dentistry and as such gained very valuable experience in those early years of developing my skills as a newly qualified dentist. 3 Years later I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic dentistry at Stellenbosch University again passing with distinction (cum laude). I came to Durban in January 1995 and worked for 18 years in an association with one of Durban’s top dentists the late Dr Baranyay. I do have confidence in my skills, yet I also know my limitations and have no hesitation to make use of a network of dental specialists to assist in the procedures they are more qualified to deal with, all in the best interest of my patients. But I endeavour to keep track of my patient’s progress so that they never feel that they are sent from pillar to post without someone overseeing the whole process.

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Endodontic Conference

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What are Dental Veneers?

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Endodontic Dentistry Musgrave Dentist

This is basically what we do when a tooth’s nerve got damaged or infected in some way and must be removed in order to save the tooth, or to clear-up an abscess. It’s the dreaded” root canal treatment”

Closing Unwanted Gaps between permanent front teeth

Closing unwanted gaps between permanent front teeth. Photos: 1) Pre-op showing gaps between front teeth2) Small lateral incisor on the right3) Small lateral incisor on the left 4) Gap between central incisors closed with composite resin, totallynon-invasive with no...

Closing Unwanted Gaps between permanent front teeth

Closing unwanted gaps between permanent front teeth. Photos: 1) Pre-op showing gaps between front teeth2) Small lateral incisor on the right3) Small lateral incisor on the left 4) Gap between central incisors closed with composite resin, totallynon-invasive with no...

Clear Orthodontic Aligners

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Laser Treatment for Gum Pigmentation

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Gentle Dentistry

The acronym L.A.S.E.R stands for. Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.

Conservative Dentistry Dr J. Francois Coetzee

This involves every kind of restoration of decayed or worn or broken teeth utilising normal fillings.




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