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Specialist Recommendations

Dr Eric Beaumont

Maxillo-Facial and Oral Surgeon (DENT)

It's hard to believe that it's over twenty years we have worked together, and it has always been a pleasure. It has been a joy to treat the oral surgical patients that you have referred to us. They present as patients highly devoted to your practice and always receive excellent dental care. Your practice is an example to the dental profession of the highest level of skill and care. May our professional relationship continue!

Dr Rhonin R Naidoo


 I have worked with Dr Coetzee and his patients who required specialist periodontal and oral medical care for almost 20 years.  Dr Coetzee practices high quality dentistry to the highest ethical standards.  He works as a team player and is always up to date with the latest cutting-edge knowledge - his patients interests are always foremost.

Dr John Dancaster


Both Francois and myself worked under our principal dentist Miki Baranyay over 25 years ago. Francois has been an excellent mentor to me particularly in my Christian walk. I am very proud to be both his friend and colleague. As a friend he has been true, honest and gentle. I know he is the same as a dentist where I could add the word excellence to his work. All the best Francois as you and your patients enjoy the prime years of your life in Musgrave Park and Durban.


Dr Renton Tindall


 I recently  had some fairly extensive work carried out by Dr Coetzee and I would like to highly recommend him for his very gentle approach and his attention to detail. I generally recommend Dr Coetzee to my patients who after their orthodontic treatment are in need of special aesthetic dental care.

Dr Craig Kenmuir


Dr Coetzee, whom I have known for the past 25 years, has always shown a very thorough and professional approach to the treating of his patients, is familiar with the latest in dental technology and materials and is passionate about creating a pleasant and relaxed environment for his patients. Those patients that have been referred to our orthodontic practice are always well informed, exhibit an excellent standard of dentistry and have good oral hygiene , all of which makes our job that much easier and rewarding. A combination of good technical skills as well as a pleasing bed side manner are attributes which his patients enjoy.

Client Reviews

Ida Watson

Dear Dr Coetzee

I want to let you know that my new denture s fantastic and is the best I have ever had!.  Thanks so much..

Ida Watson
12 Sunnyside,8 Rennie Place, Durban